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Let me tell you if you’re into biking, walking or have active kids the Lakewood Ranch Parks are for you.  Every subdivision within Lakewood Ranch has a park nearby.  Each park features walking or biking trails, lakes for fishing, ball fields, tennis and basketball courts, and pavilions for social gatherings and cookouts.  When I lived in Ohio the parks were miles away, but here in Lakewood Ranch they're in our backyard.  With the shopping, the activites of Main Street, the golf courses, and the country club the parks are just icing on the cake.  [Read more...]

Minature Golf and New Restaurants at Lakewood Ranch Main Street

Lakewood Ranch Main Street is an active place to visit on the weekends especially during their signature events like “Music on Main”.  My husband and I really enjoy McAllister’s and Ed’s Tavern, two restaurants on Lakewood Ranch Main Street that offer delicious food at very reasonable prices.  We are very excited for Eduardo’s Cantina (Mexican Restaurant) and Trattoria (Pizza/Italian) to open up in the next few months.  The area is already quite busy with the shops, restaurants, and a movie theater and if these restaurants have a good menu then the homeowners of Lakewood Ranch are in for a real treat.  Often after a long day of work you don’t want to cook, but you don’t really want to travel too far for a bite to eat so you can understand our excitement for these new restaurants to be opening up close to our home.  In Lakewood Ranch we do have a few pizza options, there is Michelangelo’s and Monty’s and just off University there is Casa di Pizza which is very good, but pizza is just one of those foods where you like many options so we our excited to try Main Street Trattoria.  In real estate we know it is all about location and again with the Lakewood Ranch Main Street events and the people flowing out of the movie theater it is not a stretch to think that these restaurants won’t be plenty busy.  

Also on Lakewood Ranch Main Street as of June 24th The Fish Hole opened up.  The Fish Hole offers 18 holes of miniature golf which is at the very end of Main Street along the bank of Lake Uihlein .  Let me tell you for putt-putt golf it looks very high end and with the landscaping and construction materials used it looks like it belongs in Lakewood Ranch.  To please the critics the planned 30 foot water tower was scrapped, the roofing material used on the shaded structure is the same as the other restaurants and shops, and the fencing is identical to the fencing used at Ed’s Tavern.  From my point of view I think they did a great job with the landscaping adding tall palm trees to cut down on the sound and lighting that a putt-putt course typically gives off. 

We will post reviews and pictures to follow in the next few weeks after I get to try these new restaurants and play a little miniature golf at Lakewood Ranch Main Street .

If you are interested in Lakewood Ranch Real Estate please feel free to contact me.  There is also real estate available at Lakewood Ranch Main Street called The Lofts on Main Street.

Update 8/10/10

Eduardo's is very good!  Try the Burrito for Two!  Going to be a very busy and happening place during the Main Street Signature Events during the weekends.

Lakewood Ranch Golf Country Club and Surrounding Villages

Lakewood Ranch, located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, is an award winning, master planned community just East of Bradenton, Florida.  Lakewood Ranch is composed of 8500 acres of open space and multiple villages.  The real estate offers abundant choices for residential living and is a perfect setting for singles, retirees, and families. [Read more...]

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Lakewood Ranch, which is a newer area located in East Bradenton, just Northeast of Sarasota, is one of the most desirable communities in Florida to live. It has been committed to the protection and preservation of its land. This green lifestyle results in healthier, more energy-efficient  and environmentally responsible homes.

This community has a mission to help support programs that enhance education, youth activities, elder care, health, libraries, culture and the environment. Lakewood Ranch, which has seven villages with an array of dwellings from condo living to custom estates, is a friendly and desirable place to make your home. [Read more...]