Longboat Key Publix Competes with Whole Foods, Trader Joe's

To the delight of Longboat Key residents and visitors, Florida supermarket chain Publix has reopened its store in Sarasota's premier barrier island.  The Publix GreenWise Market is a groundbreaking concept in fresh and organic shopping, and it is aimed squarely at shoppers who enjoy the experience of getting their groceries from venues like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

GreenWise is one of Publix's private labels; it stands out for offering products that are not only ecologically friendly but also of a higher quality and freshness.  The new store at Longboat Key will feature aisles upon aisles of GreenWise products and merchandise, as well as a pharmacy and a Pacific Wok eatery where shoppers can enjoy freshly prepared Asian cuisine.  Other ready-to-eat meals will include soup, salads and the famous Publix Deli subs.  Publix pre-made meals already enjoy popularity among Floridians, but the GreenWise stamp of approval means that the meals are even more delicious and also healthier.

The Organic Difference

This Publix GreenWise Market is a prototype store for the Florida supermarket chain, and it arrives at a great time for homeowners and house hunters in Longboat Key.  The presence of this store on the barrier island is a great convenience for full-time and seasonal residents who don't have to travel too far to find fresh, organic products and delicious meals.  The reopening is also taking place just in time for the holidays.

Southwest Florida is an excellent region for these types of grocery stores.  According to a recent Sarasota Herald-Tribune article by Justine Griffin, stores like Fresh Market, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods have set their sights in cities like Bradenton and Sarasota.  Consumers are responding positively by seeking fresher and higher quality alternatives, which usually command a higher price.  This is where the Publix GreenWise Market will have the upper hand, since the supermarket chain will have more a leeway to offer its private label products at a discount.

The revamped store #1432 is located at the Town Shoppes of Bay Isles near Avenue of the Flowers and the Longboat Key Town Hall, right in the heart of the Sarasota County portion of the barrier island.  The other anchor in this commercial center is a CVS 24-hour pharmacy.  The remodeling that has taken place at the Town Shoppes includes Royal Palm trees and other nice landscaping touches.  The Publix GreenWise Market has an attractive brick façade that evokes the Old Florida architectural style.